I'm happy to announce that the 1.1.0 release of the Spring Cloud Data Flow Server for Nomad has been released! This release not only includes all the new features in Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.1.0 but also allows you to deploy apps registered with the Maven resource type and includes tighter integration with Consul (if available).

Nomad 0.5

This release is targeted at Hashicorp Nomad 0.5.x. See this release post for detailed information on some of the new features.

Highlighted Features

Here are the following headline features in the 1.1.0 release.

Maven resource support

Apps registered with the Maven resource type (maven://) are now supported as deployment options. This feature takes advantage of the Java driver in Nomad.

Application status using Consul

The app status used to rely solely on the state of the Nomad job/allocation/evaluation. However, since these states are not based on the health of the app (/health for example) the statues returned were somewhat disingenuous. In the 1.1.0 release there is support for using the Consul*** health checks to determine the app status. This gives a much more accurate representation of the app's health.

This feature was implemented using the brilliant Spring Cloud Consul project.

** Consul must be available or this feature to be enabled.*

Ephemeral disk and Docker volumes

The new Docker volume support in Nomad has been added for using persistent storage with your Stream apps. In addition the new Ephemeral disks option has also been included.

Reference documentation

The 1.1.0 release also includes new reference documentation available here.

The reference documentation will guide you through the steps to deploy the Data Flow Server into a local/existing Nomad cluster and also deploy and launch both stream and task definitions respectively.

Release notes

Additional release related information and artifacts.

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